• Dates Mazafati (Rotab)
  • Brand Name : Bestaste
  • Weight : 500 gm
  • Product of Iran
  • Certification: Halal
  • Consumption Stage: Rotab, Date (Tamar)
  • Storage Conditions: Dry and Cool Place


Why Should I Buy This Product?

Mazafati date is one of the major products of Iran. This type of date is soft and is highly popular in Iran and the rest of world. It has a purplish to black color, and is fleshy, juicy and very delicious. The fruit’s moisture varies depending on the harvest time and the location of the grove. Its size is generally between 2.5 and 4.5 cm.

We can supply best quality of Mazafati date in various types of packaging.


Description :

Dried Dates Mazafati (Rotab)

Date fruit  is one of the most nutritious foods that can either be taken fresh or consumed after drying. Dry dates, also known as ‘Chuara‘ in Hindi, ‘Endu Kharjuram‘ in Telugu, ‘Pericham Pinju‘ in Tamil,  ‘Vana kharjura‘ in Kannada, ‘Sookno Khejur‘ in Bengali, ‘Kharik‘ in Marathi and ‘Kharek‘ in Gujarati. Dry dates are known to be an all-in-one natural remedy for a number of health-related problems.

From boosting your energy levels to taking care of your cardiovascular health, date fruits have multifaceted benefits to offer. You can also consume them for enhancing your beauty. Get an insight into the benefits of dry dates for health, skin and hair.


Health Benefits Of Dried Dates Mazafati (Rotab) :

1.  They Improve Overall Health

2.  They are a source of Essential Minerals

3.  They have Rich Iron Source

4.  They have Rich Calcium Content

5.  They Heal Bowel Illnesses




Additional information
Weight 650 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
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