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Pick the Perfect Tea According to Your Mood

It is quite often that the different climate, seasons, environment and situations put a great impact on our mood and completely changes our feelings. Everybody will agree on that, on a bright sunny day, we feel very energetic and have smiling face while on a rainy or stormy day, we are somewhat low and don’t feel so good.

This is the time when we must have some time for ourselves either leisure or performing activities we enjoy doing. Having some ‘Me time’ will definitely help to switch your mood and feelings. In this scenario, Tea also plays a vital role in changing your moods and you can’t believe there are various options in tea that can be chosen according to your mood.

Tea is the most consumed and favorite beverage in almost every part of the world. Some people enjoy tea just for flavor while some intake it for their health and as a mood booster. Different varieties of tea exist in nature all having different properties and benefits, thus you can choose tea as per your mood desire or health remedial option.

How Tea can be helpful?

A cup of tea is really ideal for revitalizing your body and mood. We all are fully familiar with the calming and soothing effects of tea. A substance named Caffeine found in teas is beneficial for boosting energy and enhances attention. But everything is limited to a certain level crossing which can lead to some negative effects too.

Teas greatly help to make you calm down and feel better in any situation in multiple ways:

  • Energize your body: A cup of tea can help you to revitalize and energize your body to start your day. It contains caffeine which helps to stimulate your body and mind to work whole day. That the reason, almost every person have a cup of tea before starting their day.
  • When you are sick: If you are feeling low or sick then having a cup of tea can help to soothe your body. In case of cold or sore throat, it is recommended to have hot drinks and hot tea is irreplaceable. Drinking hot tea is one of the oldest remedies that help a lot.
  • Boost immune system: Tea is also packed with large number of antioxidants which help to fight against viruses and boosts our immunity. A good amount of antioxidants from tea can be beneficial for maintaining healthy body.
  • Helpful in managing nerves and stress levels: Whenever you are dealing with some stress or activities that make you nervous then there are some flavors of tea, consuming which can greatly help to reduce stress and calming your brain activity. You will feel better and relaxed after taking a good dose.
  • For a better sleep: Some teas are beneficial to have a perfect sleep. There are certain flavors which help to make you relaxed and calm and encourages good sleep.
  • Promotes the performance of Digestive System: At many situations improper eating may lead to upset of bowel system and makes you uneasy. Having a cup of specific tea may help to maintain healthy metabolism and burn extra calories.

Different Teas as per your mood

Many studies have proved that tea has great effects on our mood and concentration. Intake of adequate amount of specific type of tea helps to change your mood and soothes your mind and body. You can find a large varieties of tea flavors carrying different beneficial properties and greatly helpful to soothe in any kind of mood.

Here is list of different varieties of Tea that are perfect to choose as per the mood swings:

1. Green Tea- Tired

Green TeaWhen you are in state of tiredness and needs some break, have a cup of green tea which refills your body with positive energy and refreshes you to start again with your work. An adequate amount of caffeine is present in the tea that stimulates your body and revitalizes it.

Black Tea is also a great source of energy and consuming it stimulates your mind and energizes you to start your day.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is highly beneficial for healthy body growth. It is available in multiple national and international brands at our online grocery store.

2. Ginger Tea- Happy

Giner Tea
Ginger is commonly known for good health benefits. It is consumed in certain health issues like cold, cough etc. to have soothing effects. Ginger tea provides great warmth and comfort and fills the body with extra dose of energy and improve mood.

The beneficial nutrients and minerals exists in the tea relaxes you mind and body and keeps you happy and healthy. The Indian Masala Tea is highly consumed in the country that also contains Ginger and keeps you in happy mood.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

  • Relaxes your mind and body
  • Greatly help to soothe your sore throat and body in cold issues
  • Good to induce happiness and extra energy boost in body.

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3. Chamomile Tea- Anxiety and Stress

Chamomile Tea
If you are going through anxiety or any tough phase, in that state of mind, drinking Chamomile Tea is ideal. Chamomile tea is best known for reducing stress levels and anxiety and uplifting your mood. It is also a great promoter of sleep. If someone is feeling anxious or stressed and unable to sleep, this tea may help to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

  • It works as an anti-depressant and relaxes your mind and also helps you to get rid of full day stress.
  • Good for reducing menstrual cramps
  • Manages diabetes and blood sugar levels in control
  • Helps to reduce inflammation which is a cause for many health problems

4. Rooibos Tea- Stress

Rooibos Tea
It is a caffeine free beverage which is highly beneficial to reduce stress and anxiety. It is an herbal tea but different from Green and Black Tea as it is free from Caffeine. The tea contains properties which are helpful to reduce stress hormone levels, Cortisol which is mainly responsible for stress.

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

  • The tea is naturally free from Caffeine and Oxalic acid so if someone is allergic to caffeine then Rooibos is the best option and is healthy too
  • It is rich in health promoting antioxidants which keeps body away from diseases

5. Lemongrass Tea- Depressed

Lemongrass Tea
It is similar to other green teas carrying a lot of health benefits. The fresh and citrusy flavor and aroma of the tea relaxes your mind and uplifts the mood. The tea is best for reducing stress and tension and if you are depressed or suffering from some restlessness, having a cup of it will calm your mind and body and make you happy.

Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

  • Good for improving digestive system and stomach issues.
  • Beneficial for regulating blood pressure and controlling cholesterol levels which are generally responsible for heart strokes and chronic diseases
  • Boosts Metabolism and aids in weight loss

With this, you have a lot of options to consider and choose as per your mood. Being human, it is fully possible that our mood swings several times a day and accordingly you can change your tea preferences too. Having a cup of tea is good to take a break from your busy schedule and enjoying a relaxation session. The perfect thing is to analyze your needs and pick the best tea option.

Teas are greatly helpful for elevating your mood and it is good if consumed in limited quantity so have a cup of tea and enjoy some leisure time. Different types of Herbal Tea and other varieties of multiple local and international brands are easily available at our online grocery store from where you can buy your favorite tea.

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