Raw Candlenuts


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Raw Candlenuts

Called candle nut because of their high oil content, the oil has been extracted for making lamp oil. Candle nuts look similar to macadamia nuts, however their taste is quite different. They are not only employed as a source of illumination, but also as food — Candlenuts are actually loaded with all sorts of nutrients.
The Candlenut comes from the Candlenut tree which consists of branches from the lower regions. The leaves are green,  or pent-lobed. The flower is white in color. It consists of male flower arranged upon the female flowers. The nut is round, the outer layer is hard. Inside the hard layer has soft pulp. The cream colored seed is inside the nut.

Health Benefits of Raw Candlenuts :

1.It is a good medicine for Dysentery and Diarrhea.
2.It is used for many aches such as headaches, toothaches and fever.
3.They relieve of fungal Infections.
4.It overcomes Insomnia
5.It can overcome digestive problems.

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