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How to Protect Yourself and Other from COVID 19 Pandemic?

How to Protect Yourself and Other from COVID 19 Pandemic

COVID 19 is the new addition to our life and the whole world is aware of the same. The havoc that the coronavirus has caused in the world is huge. The virus has affected almost 214 countries over the world and has resulted in about 221,823 deaths spread across the world with the USA being the worst hit country at present both in terms of infected cases as well as deaths though it all started from Wuhan in China.

The disease spreads mainly from person to person. Suppose, if an infected person sneezes, the virus travels through the droplets coming out during sneezing and enters the other person close to the affected individual. In this way, the dangerous disease is transmitted. Thus, it is our responsibility to not only protect our own self but also protect others from this killer disease.

Now, to effectively do the same, it is essential to follow a few precautionary measures that are as discussed below.

1. Practice Social Distancing

Practice Social Distancing
Social distancing is one of the best ways to slowdown the spread of the disease. World Health Organisation has advised to maintain at least a metre distance between individuals particularly with the individuals who are sneezing or coughing. This will play a vital role in the prevention of the spread of the disease at a rapid pace.

The social distancing measure is taken to avoid person to person transmission of coronavirus in all places such as schools, colleges, work, markets and others. Therefore, practicing social distancing would not only help to protect your own self but also others from this deadly disease.

2. Avoid Public Gatherings

Avoid Public Gatherings

To protect yourself and others from COVID 19, public gathering is to be avoided at any cost. Even you have to gather for necessity, practice social distancing and maintain at least a metre gap between each person. But it is best to avoid any kinds of public gathering both essential and non essential as much as possible so as to prevent the rapid spread of the disease.

3. Self Isolation

Self Isolation
Stay Home Stay Safe
If you have been affected by coronavirus or you have the symptoms similar to that of the disease, it is best to go for self isolation. It is important to understand that if you are quarantine in your home, the risk of transmitting the disease to other people is readily reduced. In this way, you protect others and at the same time you reduce your chances of severity of the disease. But it is recommended to seek the help of a healthcare expert if the symptoms persist or if your health deteriorates. Taking care of your health is a matter of immense importance and should be neglected at all.

But it is understandable that you need to get your basic needs fulfilled like shopping for groceries, going to the bank for money and various others. In the times of COVID 19 pandemic, you can simply go for online grocery shopping from trusted stores like Indo-Asian Grocery where you can be assured of getting fresh and quality groceries delivered at your doorstep without you having to step out of your home. For banking needs opt for the digital mode of banking and try to do every possible thing online so as to slowdown the rate of spread of the disease.

4. Go for Proper Hygiene

Go for Proper Hygiene

Proper hygiene is another of the very good way to restrict the transmission of the disease. It is recommended to wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of twenty seconds or clean the hands with hand sanitizer which has to be minimum 60 percent alcohol based. This hygiene measure helps to remove the virus from the hand thereby helping to prevent the spread of the disease.

In addition to this, it is advised to always cover your mouth and nose at the time of coughing or sneezing so as to prevent the transmission through the droplets coming out during coughing or sneezing. Moreover, frequent touching of the eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hand is to be strictly avoided. This is because if virus is present on the hand, it might get into the body when the hand touches mouth, nose, eyes or other openings on the body.

5. Wearing Masks

Wearing Masks

Wearing masks is another of the very good ways to prevent infection and slow down the rate of transmission of coronavirus. You need to cover your mouth as well as nose with the mask and make sure that there are no gaps between that mask & face. Touching the mask is to be avoided and if touched, ensure cleaning the hands with soap or alcohol based sanitizer.

The disposable masks should be appropriately disposed and reusable masks are to be cleaned properly before the next use. Healthy people should only wear masks if they are near or taking care of a COVID 19 patient.

6. Changing a Few Habits

Changing a Few Habits
Bringing about a few changes in the habit can play a vital role in reducing the chances of getting the disease. The smokers should refrain from smoking or other activities that weakens the lungs. Since coronavirus have a tendency to damage the lungs and cause problems in breathing, it is important to avoid all such activities that deteriorate the functioning of the lungs.

For preventing the disease, drinking alcohol should be avoided since it hampers the functioning of the immune system.

7. Do Not Believe in Fake News or Myths

Do Not Believe in Fake News or Myths

Circulation of fake news or myths are a very common affair in the times of COVID 19 pandemic. Thus, it is recommended to not believe in any kind of fake news of myths that come by. Instead the people should refer to authentic sites and reliable sources for the verification of such news or myths. The World Health Organisation has clearly mentioned not to believe in myths.

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