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Barberries are an important ingredient in Iranian cookery, and you’re most likely to see them in a Persian restaurant or a Middle Eastern grocer’s, where they may be labelled under their Persian name, zereshk. This makes them seem exotic.

Iranian cooks will know barberries well as a key ingredient in certain wedding dishes, where their sourness stands as a symbol of the fact that life isn’t always a bed of roses.

Normal or seedless barberry (Berberis vulgaris) contain organic acids and phenol compounds that contain anthocyanin and carotenoide pigments as well as phenolase, polyphenolase and glycosidase enzymes.

In Iran people drink barberry juice and use its fruit in preparing food, jam, pickles, syrups, round flat candy, dried barberry concentrate, and Sohan Asali (a traditional Iranian sweet). In recent years in order to make industrial use of barberries much research has been conducted on preparing different products such as beverages, sauce, jelly, candy , pastilles ,colored edible powder etc. from barberries. Due to their cold and dry nature, barberries are used to reinforce the heart and liver, as an analgesic for the stomach and anticoagulant and their leaves are used in affections resulting from the lack of Vitamin C, to treat gastric ulcer, treating diarrhea, edema, and treating scurvy. Based on more studies, the majority of the medical properties of barberries are related to the different alkaloids existing in the different parts of this plant.


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Barberry (zereshk)

Barberry is an evergreen, deciduous shrub that bears oval shaped red fruits. Barberry is known for its medicinal uses for more than 200 years. It is a detoxifying herb containing excellent stimulating and sedative properties that help fight several disease causing organisms. You can consume barberry orally, and also be used externally for treating a number of health issues.

The root, bark and berries of the barberry bush are used for medicinal purposes, while the fruit is edible and a rich source of vitamin C with a very sharp taste.Barberry is available in tea, tincture, capsule, dried herb, and tablet forms. Other names include Berberis vulgaris, mountain grape, Pepperidge, berberry, common grape.

Health Benefits of Barberry (zereshk) :

1. They protects your Liver
2. They treats Infection and Skin Disorders
3. They improve Heart Health
4. They strengthens your Heart
5. They manage your blood sugar

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