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8 Best Online Grocery Shopping Hacks for Saving Money

8 Best Online Grocery Shopping Hacks for Saving Money

Online grocery shopping has become an extremely common affair in the recent times. The main reason behind the fact is the ease of availability of the internet. In addition to this, we are currently living in a modern world of technology and it is technology that has been ruling over our lives. In today’s world of internet, almost everything has gone online and grocery shopping is not an exception as well.

In recent times, a major portion of the population prefers the online mode of grocery shopping. The ultimate reason of preference is convenience where the users can shop for all their required products at any point of time which they feel like to that too from the comfort of their home or any other places.

But many times, it happens that the users end up spending a lot of money at the time of grocery shopping online. The users usually fall a prey to some of the most tempting offers which is the major reason of spending more. Another major reason of spending more is due to the added shipping charges. It has been very commonly observed among the shoppers tend to buy only the items they require at that moment without any future planning.

Frequent buying results in small amounts, and hence the shipping charges are added every time which ultimately ends in paying more. The offers so presented to the online shoppers look very tempting but in reality, these offers are not actually worthwhile. This is exactly the situation where the people think as to how to save money during online grocery shopping.

So, to make sure that the users save money while grocery shopping online, here we have listed a few of the best online grocery shopping hacks for saving money which are as enumerated below.

1. Do Not Forget to Compare Different Sites

At the time when you opt for online grocery shopping, the first tip to keep in mind for saving money is comparing a few different sites for the product which you are looking forward to. You need to check out the different sites that offers the same product at the most competitive price.

Now, at the time when you compare different online shopping sites, you get to know best available price for that particular product you are looking for where you certainly save a lot of money.

2. Planning Prior is Essential

shopping list

When you intend to buy a few products online, make sure that you plan well in advance. There are a number of websites for online grocery shopping which provide sale on various items at different points of time.

So, it would certainly be a very good idea to keep the shopping list ready depending on the priority and shop the products online whenever the sale is on. This would be great for saving quite a lot of money yet getting all the products that you want. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to save money while shopping for groceries online.

3. Avoid Frequent and Small Purchases

Bulk Purchases

Another of the very useful online grocery shopping hacks for saving money is to avoid frequent and small purchases. The users should plan prior and try to order groceries in bulk. It would not only give them a discounted price but also would make them eligible for free shipping.

Almost all of the online grocery shopping sites come up with some special discounts or deals for you whenever the order is in bulk. It is exactly where the users need to take the advantage and purchase in bulk to get the products at a discounted price.

4. Use of Coupons Effectively


Coupons are the major contributors to online grocery shopping savings. The use of coupons is the most common option of saving money at the time of online shopping. These coupons provide the users with a lot of discount options which can only be availed while shopping online.

Thus, the online shoppers should necessarily make the best use of the coupons for the purpose of availing attractive discounts and save a lot of money when they shop online for the required products. It is important to check the validity of the coupons and the conditions of their applicability.

5. Shopping in the Middle of the Week

It has been observed that a huge number of online shopping websites offer discounts and deals in the middle of the week particularly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

So, if you want to save money in online grocery shopping, make sure that that you choose the middle of the week when the price offered is on the lower side as compared to the weekends or any other days when the prices are on the higher side.

6. Always Keep the Sale Schedules in Mind


At the time of online grocery shopping, it becomes very important for the users to keep a track of the sale schedules. Almost all of the online shopping sites offer a sale period or a sale day every week or every two weeks.

So, if you want to save money while shopping groceries online, the sale schedule should be simply learnt by heart so that you know exactly the dates or the days when each of the sites begin their sale period. Make use of the sale period to the fullest and get your desired products at discounted price during the period.

7. Use Multiple Email Addresses for Extra Coupons

There are number sites for online shopping that offers discounts or coupons for a new registration or new email address. The online shoppers should be making the best use of this to save money by using multiple email addresses. The same thing happens with online shopping apps as well.

New registrations get more discounts so the shoppers should download the shopping app in a different system and avail the discount coupons.

8. Check the Eligibility for Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Many sites for online grocery shopping offer free shipping above a certain order value. Thus, the users need to check their eligibility for free shipping, thereby reducing the cost to some extent.

The online grocery shopping websites offer free shipping only when the purchase amount reaches a certain threshold, so keeping an eye on the same is another of the important online shopping tips to save money.

Thus, now it is clear about the online grocery shopping hacks for saving a good amount of money. So, do not waste any more time and shop all your necessary groceries online keeping the tips mentioned in mind for saving quite a lot of money.