Sun Island - Spicy Fried Bitter Gourd Seed - 225 gm

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  • Spicy Fried Bitter Gourd Seed
  • Brand Name : Sun Island
  • Weight : 225 gm
  • Product of Sri Lanka
  • Package : Jar

Cooking Direction:

  • 1 1/2 tb sambal paste
  • 2 tb vegetable oil
  • 1 bitter gourd
  • 1/2 cup water
  • salt
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tb fresh lemon juice/tamarind juice
  1. Cut bitter gourd in half and scoop out seeds and pith. Cut into half moon around 1/4 inch thick. Place in a bowl , sprinkle 1/2 tb salt , mix well and leave in the bowl for one hour.
  2. Rinse gourd well after one hour and drain well. Heat vegetable oil in a saute pan or a wok and saute sambal paste for 5 minutes on medium heat or until the oil separates.
  3. Add drained gourd pieces and stir well for at least 3 minutes. Pour in water, sugar and lime juice. Cover and cook until water evaporates.
  4. Taste and add salt as needed. Take off heat and serve as a side dish along with steamed rice. Makes 4/5 servings.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Bitter gourd is well known for its health benefits especially its ability to lower blood glucose and as a traditional medicine for the treatment gastrointestinal problems. As it contains antihelminthic or anthelmintic compounds, it is very effective in killing parasitic worms in the intestinal tract. This is probably one of the most bitter vegetables around.

Bitter gourd has been traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine for detoxing and to help treat type 2 diabetes among other things. The seeds and pith are discarded and the flesh is cooked in a variety of ways.

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