Sun Island - Miris Malu Paste (Pasta Di Miris Malu) - 350 gm

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  • Miris Malu Paste (Pasta Di Miris Malu)
  • Brand Name : Sun Island
  • Weight : 350 gm
  • Product of Sri Lanka
  • Package : Jar

Cooking Direction:

Cut the fish in to around 8 portions and wash well using lime juice. Chop garlic.
Put all ingredients into pan with fish. Bring to boil and simmer till done.
Serve as a side dish with rice.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

In addition to the diverse products of the "Sun Island" range, we also offer most popular varieties of rice from Sri Lanka.

The highlights of the "Sun Island" packed Miris Malu Pastes are various, especially as it maintains its nutritional qualities after cooking. In particular, the Miris Malu Paste (Pasta Di Miris Malu) is enriched with more protein, carbohydrates, crude fiber and minerals.

"Sun Island" constantly strives to improve the quality of its packed Miris Malu Paste (Pasta Di Miris Malu) as a continual process to maximize customer satisfaction.

Turn up the flavor of meal with our Sun Island’s Miris Malu Paste (Pasta Di Miris Malu). Considered a staple dish in Cuban cuisine, it’s easy to make with just the right blend of ingredients and is ready in under some minutes.

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