Bestaste - Kashk Badenjan - 450 gm

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  • Kashk Badenjan
  • Brand Name : Bestaste
  • Weight : 450 gm
  • Product of Iran
  • Packaging : Can (Tinned)

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Kashke-e Bademjan is the quintessential Persian appetizer. It may be not be considered a main dish, however I feel once you serve kashk-e bademjan you don't need much of any thing else on the table. Except, some warm lavash (flat bread), a fork and a tall glass of cool water.

If you haven't tasted it yet, try it. You'll be surprised how tasty this combination of eggplants, whey (kashk), caramelized onion and garlic can be. So simple and yet so tasty. This is also a perfect dish for those that say Persian cooking is too time consuming.

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