Deep Premium Select - Cut Okra (Bhindi) Frozen Food - 340 gm

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  • Cut Okra (Bhindi) Frozen Food
  • Brand Name : Deep Premium Select
  • Weight : 12 oz / 340 gm
  • Product of India
  • Pack : Plastic Bag / Pouch
  • Excellent Source of FIBER & VITAMIN C!!!


Cut Okra (Bhindi). Frozen and packed while fresh. Made in a facility that processes tree nuts and wheat.


Contents of the package in a dish containing water for 2 or 3 minutes. Drain the water, season to test and serve. For best result cook while still frozen (Do not thaw).

Storage Instruction:

Keep frozen (0 F or below). Do not refreeze after thawing.

Nutrition Information:

Nutrition Information available on back side of product pack.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Okra is a versatile vegetable that is also known as lady fingers or bhindi. The Okra are procured from farms that maintain the highest quality. They are then washed, cut and quickly frozen to ensure that the tenderness, taste and nutritional goodness is retained.

Deep Foods is one of the leading manufacturers of Indian foods. Since 1977, it has been tantalizing the taste buds of Indian food lovers. Using authentic recipes, Deep Foods offers delicious snacks, frozen meals, ice creams and other specialities. These delicious, all- natural products are prepared to satisfy the most dedicated culinary aficionados of Indian cuisine.

Deep's premium select fruits and vegetables are "Individually Quick Frozen" soon after harvest, which locks in the nutritional benefits and tenderness that are often lost during shipping of fresh produce from farm to market. The sweetness and rich flavors originating from the fertile soil and warm climate of India are locked inside until you are ready to eat, even "fresher than fresh".

Top 10 Benefits of Okra (Bhindi):

  • Prevents from Colon Cancer
  • Manages Blood Glucose Level
  • Fights Diabetic Symptoms
  • Promotes Healthy Functioning of Digestive System
  • Relieves Chronic Constipation
  • Regularizes Bowel Movements
  • Promotes Growth of Beneficial Bacteria
  • Vitamin C For Younger Skin
  • Low Calorie Vegetable
  • Controls Cholesterol Level

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