Cortas - Orange Blossom Water - 300 ml

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  • Orange Blossom Water
  • Brand Name : Cortas
  • Weight : 300 ml
  • Product of Lebanon
  • Category: Essences, Extracts & Flavours
  • Package: Plastic Bottle
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool and Dry Place
  • Specialty : Suitable for Vegetarians, No preservatives, No artificial flavour


Water, Concentrated Orange Blossom Water, Natural Orange Blossom Flavours

Using Instructions:

Shake well before use and Ready to use.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Orange Flower Water (Cortas Orange Blossom Water 300ml) is a very popular ingredient in North African and Middle Eastern cooking. Try adding a few drops to couscous or rice. Alternatively add a little to pancakes, custard or pastry for a delicately fragrant orange flavour.

The uses for this fragrant orange blossom water are many and varied.

Use sparingly to give sweet and savoury dishes a heavenly scent of summer and floral roundedness in the mouth.

Orange blossom water is a distilled water with the essence of flowers from orange trees and is used a lot in French and Middle Eastern cuisine as it adds flavouring to both savoury and sweet foods. It’s perfect for adding to desserts, ice cream, fruit, vegetable salads, stews, candy, Turkish Delight, baked goods (crepes, pastry dough, sponge cakes) and beverages. Orange blossom water also works well as a hand freshener, skin toner, natural room scent or added to a bath. Available in a 300ml bottle.

The Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Company is a company known for the purity of its all-natural aromatic essences. It was established in 1930 and specialises in Eastern Mediterranean products, with the aim of bringing the finest quality Lebanese gourmet products to every corner of the world. Though no medical claims can be made, Cortas flower essences are often used in household and beauty applications.

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