Sun Island - Coconut Vinegar - 340 ml

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  • Coconut Vinegar
  • Brand Name :
  • Weight : 340 ml
  • Product of Sri Lanka
  • Category: Essences, Extracts & Flavours
  • Package: Bottle
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool and Dry Place

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Sun Island's Coconut Vinegar is extracted from the best naturally grown Sri Lankan coconuts. The natural coconut milk is produced under strict quality control tests, in order to guarantee our customers with the highest standard of quality.

Coconut vinegar is like other types of fermented vinegars such as balsamic vinegar and apple cider vinegar. It’s made from the water of the coconut tree. Coconut vinegar is cloudy vinegar with quite an acidic taste. When you purchase a bottle of coconut vinegar, like apple cider vinegar, it still contains the “mother,” which is the culture of organisms that created the fermentation of the vinegar. For that reason, you may give the bottle a good shake before each use. And, because we’re talking about a coconut product here, you can be assured that coconut vinegar is packed with nutrients. Use coconut vinegar in dressings and marinades like you would apple cider vinegar. It lends itself especially well to Asian-flavored dishes.

Sun Island's Coconut Vinegar (340 ml) has a good shelf-life. Most batches will remain intact for more than one year in a cool, dark place. Once opened, use within three to six months.

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