NSM - Royal Tahini (100% Sesame Australian Processed) - 2 kg

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  • Royal Tahini (100% Sesame Australian Processed)
  • Brand Name : NSM
  • Weight : 2 kg
  • Product of Australia
  • Pack : Plastic Jar
  • Storage Instructions: Keep in Cool and Dry Place
  • Suitable for vegetarians


Grounding sesame seeds into a paste known as Tahini.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Nut Spice Masters (NSM) Health Food Store and Food Wholesalers supplies restaurants, health food shops and food co-operatives with high-quality wholesale nuts and wholesale organic food.

The process of grounding sesame seeds into a paste known as Tahini has been part of middle-eastern culture for thousands of years. In the past NSM imported Tahini directly from the middle-east to Australia, but the freshness of the Tahini was compromised leaving a sediment that came to be accepted as normal.

To counteract this NSM has sought to manufacture its own Tahini and offer Australian consumers a fresh and authentic taste of the middle-east. NSM Tahini is stone ground, and 100 percent natural. It is one of the only Tahini’s manufactured this way in Australia. As a result Australians are enjoying the freshest, highest quality Tahini available in the country.

Currently, NSM is in the process of receiving Organic Certification for its Tahini from the BFA.

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