Dogadan - Adacayi Sage Herbal Tea (20 Teabags) - 26 gm

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  • Adacayi Sage Herbal Tea
  • Brand Name : Dogadan
  • Weight : 26 gm (20 tea bags)
  • Product of Turkey
  • Packing : Box


Sage Leaves


Pour boiling water onto the tea bag and allow to brew for 3 - 5 minutes before removing the bag.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Delicious Sage Herbal Tea made from full-bodied fragrant Sage leaves is excellent for soothing the toungue and the sensitive membranes inside the mouth, excellent for calming irritated tonsils and healing mouth ulcers. There is such an aromatic and hearty taste in this brisk Sage Herbal Tea, you will love drinking it often. Try it today!

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