Tian Hu Shan - Fairy Peach Green Tea (xiantao Ball Green Tea) - 170 gm

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  • Fairy Peach Green Tea (xiantao Ball Green Tea)
  • Brand Name : Tian Hu Shan
  • Weight : 170 gm
  • Product of China
  • Packing : BOTTLE
  • Caffeine :Less Caffeine


Fine green tea with chrysanthemum and a sting of jasmine flowers with peach flavor..

Cooking Direction:

Place one blooming tea ball in 16 oz teapot. Pour boiling water over. Enjoy a visual feast as the ball unfurls to a nice display

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Xiantao ball green tea efficacy and indications: [Effect] Xiantao green ball clear leader, with the exception polydipsia, phlegm, digestion, diuretic, detoxification [Xiantao ball green Indications for headaches, head faint, sleep, muddled thinking, upset thirst, indigestion phlegm stagnation, diarrhea, dysuria. And a lowering blood pressure, anti-aging, anti-cancer, strong teeth, beautiful face effect.

  1. Several medicinal value Xiantao ball Tianhushan introduction of green tea is a refreshing spa trouble, fever and thirst , digestion except greasy, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, anti-caries Gu Chi , diet fitness , and stomach diuretic, pure heart and eyesight , smoke hangover solution , in addition to fat buck , reduce cancer , increased vascular wall elasticity , anti- atomic radiation damage and other various effects. beverage among today compared . But when the green tea mixed with other materials , and can achieve their different medicinal value , the following several medicinal value of green tea to make a presentation . put some salt tea with boiling water after drink . There eyesight inflammation, pathogenic fire phlegm . At the same time can cure a toothache , colds cough, red eyes and throat infections. Summer often drink , but also heatstroke .
  2. Second, ginger, warm the lung cough , influenza , cold injury , coughing significant effect.
  3. Third, the persimmon tea: persimmon amount of boiled , add sugar, some green tea , then boil , dubbed tea drink , reasonable gas phlegm, stomach and intestinal beneficial effect, it is most suitable for tuberculosis patients to drink.
  4. Fourth, the tea : first put milk and sugar to boil , then put 1 part milk, 2 parts of the tea , and then boiled water. Spleen weight loss , refreshing eyesight .
  5. Five , honey tea : put Tea in a small bag then add little amount of honey ,than use boiled water. Drink this tea to quench thirst and blood, lungs and kidney function, and can cure constipation, stomach and pharyngitis embolism.

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