Dogadan - Chamomile Herbal Tea / Papatya Bitki Cayi (20 Teabags) - 30 gm

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  • Chamomile Herbal Tea / Papatya Bitki Cayi (20 Teabags)
  • Brand Name : Dogadan
  • Weight : 30 g (1.5 g × 20) 
  • Product of Turkey
  • Packing : Box
  • Tea Type : Herbal
  • Form : Bagged
  • Caffinated?: No
  • Flavored Tea :Camomile Tea



Cooking Direction:

Pouring hot water in the pot or large Cup, put the tea bags, wait 3 to 5 minutes, remove the bag, and done.
put the tea bags, tea Kettle, boiling over low heat about 20 minutes is better. When I make a lot more into tea bags also.

If you are undeniably * thorough inspection, but rarely, individually packed in the box is torn, had the herbal contents Pack. Please contact if the terrible too.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

ChamomileIs in Turkey, known as 'papatwya'. It is a herbal tea of Chamomile Turkey 100%.

Scent of Chamomile, soothing the mind of ourMakes you feel relaxed. Overwhelming scent, taste and so easy to drink. Chamomile tea is also a stomach-friendly herb.

Dadan(Dogadan) is on Telco top class manufacturers, is rich in kinds of tea and herbal tea. Will not put Dadang products supermarket Turkey. Is the tea drinking on a daily basis, as is familiar to the Turkey national trust company.

It is not only taste good, going on a trip to Turkey from Japan, type also have tea or herbal tea from the 'package liked ' "looked delicious from the' casually for souvenirs, buying from home, dadan's, it was also a lot. Involuntarily, be like taking package of beauty are well established.

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