Smart Chef - Bean Thread Noodle (Bean Vermicelli) - 500 gm

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  • Bean Thread Noodle (Bean Vermicelli)
  • Brand Name : Smart Chef
  • Weight : 500 gm
  • Product of Thailand
  • Season: Available year-round


Mung bean, starch, potato starch, water.

Cooking Directions:

Soak in hot water for 7-15 minutes to rehydrate.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

A slender, gelatinous noodle, made NOT from a grain flour but from ground mung beans. Once the noodles are soaked they become soft, slippery, springy and translucent. They are flavorless and readily absorb the taste of their accompanying sauce or broth. The noodles are commonly used in soups, stir-fries, salads, desserts, and even drinks. The dried noodles can also be deep fried for a crunch garnish or bed for sauces.

Substitutions: harusame or rice vermicelli or shirataki or rice sticks.

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