Tamara - Cooking Sake Seasoning Wine - 300 ml

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  • Cooking Sake Seasoning Wine
  • Brand Name : Takara
  • Weight : 300 ml
  • Product of Japan
  • Package : Bottle
  • Storage Instructions :Store in a cool and dry place , Refrigerate after opening.


Fermented Rice For Seasoning(Rice,Alcohol,Salt and Acidity Regulator(330)),Alcohol(9.0%),Starch Syrup,Salt, Saccharified Rice Syrup (Rice,Salt,Alcohol and Acidity Regulator(330)),Acidity Regulator (330).

Cooking Direction:

Ryorishu is quite similar to Western white cooking wine, it is of course made with rice, rather than grapes though. It is used to marinades and sauces. Try sake instead of wine when cooking.

Nutrition Information:

Servings per package: 10
Serving size: 25 g

Quantity per Serving
Quantity per 100 g
103.5 KJ
413.8 KJ
les than 1 g
less than 1g
Fat, total
0.0 g
0.0 g

0.0 g

0.0 g


16.4 g
3.9 g
15.6 g
223.8 mg
895.0 mg

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Ryorishu is a type of sake (rice wine) made especially for cooking. It is often used in marinades for meat and fish to make them more tender, as well as to mask their smell. In cooking, it is often used to add body and flavour to tsuyu (soup stock) and sauces, or to make nimono (simmered dishes) and yakimono (grilled dishes). To enable shops not licensed to sell alcohol to stock it, manufacturers are required by law to add salt (2-3%) to ryorishu to make it unfit for drinking.

Takara RyoriShu is No1. most popular cooking sake in Japan! Ryorishu (Cooking Sake) is a type of sake-based seasonings. Ryorishu is also similar to Western white cooking wine.

For the Chefs, Ryorishu helps to soften meat, enhances the flavour of ingredients and adds a pleasant fragrance to the cuisines, making it more delicious. In addition, this cooking sake can be used to marinade and make sauces. What’s makes it even desirable? Ryorishu is known to help “reduce” bad odours in the fishes and meats, giving out a nice smell.

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