Kikkoman - Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce - 250 ml

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  • Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce
  • Brand Name : Kikkoman
  • Weight : 250 ml
  • Product of The Netherlands
  • Package : Bottle
  • Storage : Refrigerate after opening.


Soy Sauce (Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Wine (contains Sulphur Dioxide), Sugar, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Salt, Spice Extracts, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder

Usage Suggestions::

Marinade 500g chicken breasts or 500g salmon steaks in 7 tablespoons (about 100ml) of Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce for 2 hours, then cook as usual.

For extra-tasty barbecued food, use Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce during cooking as a baste to ensure that the food remains moist and succulent.

Nutrition Information:

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Kikkoman soy sauce is naturally brewed in the same way it has been for more than 300 years, using authentic Japanese methods. This dedication to quality extends to Kikkoman's innovative soy sauce-based marinades, panko and other products.

Perfect for meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce is made to an authentic Japanese recipe from a blended Kikkoman naturally brewed Soy Sauce, wine and specially selected spices. It is the ideal marinade for all meat, poultry, fish and vegetables, whether barbecued, grilled, oven roasted or pan-fried.

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