Ina Paarmans - Meat Spice - 200 ml

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  • Meat Spice
  • Brand Name : Ina Paarmans
  • Weight : 200 ml
  • Product of South Africa
  • Package Type : plastic bottle with flip top lid for sprinkling or pouring. Paper label.
  • Storage :Clip flap down to close. Store in a dry place.


Sea Salt, Maize Crumbs, Spices, Garlic, Dextrose, Flavouring (contains: Cornstarch, Yeast Extract, Acidity Regulators, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seed), Spices), Fibre, Herbs, Sugar, Colourant: Caramel, Vegetable Oil (Canola Seed) (Antioxidant: Vitamin E).

How to Use:

Roast Leg of Lamb:
  • Mash one tin of anchovies with its oil and add 1 T (15 ml) of Meat Spice.
  • Spread over the leg. Spike leg with garlic slivers and fresh rosemary.
  • Roast at 180°C on a rack over a pan with 2 cups (500 ml) of water in the pan to keep the meat moist.
  • Roast for ± 1 ½ hours. Rest for 10 minutes before carving.
Casseroles, Stews and Potjies:
  • Season generously with meat spice.
Homemade Burgers:
  • Mix 500 g of lean beef mince with 2 t (10 ml) Meat Spice and 4 T (60 ml) of Ina Paarman's Roast Onion Soup & Gravy Powder.
  • Add ½ cup (125 ml) cold water and mix through. Shape into 8 patties.
  • Leave to rest for 10 minutes to soften the onions.
  • Oil the patties on both sides and cook on a very hot cast iron griddle pan.
  • Serve on a toasted sesame bun topped with our Mushroom Ready to Serve Sauce or Peach Apricot Chutney.
  • Garnish with fresh tomato, onion and lettuce. This recipe is also excellent for frikkadels or meatloaf.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Meat Spice is a heavenly blend that transforms roasts and steaks by making them taste deliciously meaty. Add it to stews, casseroles and burger meat for a rounded depth of flavour.

  • Halal and Kosher
  • Sprinkle onto food before cooking
  • Hints of rich nutmeg
  • Delicious meaty spice rub

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