KOO - Bean Mix - 410 gm

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  • Bean Mix
  • Brand Name : KOO
  • Weight : 410 gm
  • Product of South Africa
  • Packing : Tin

Why Should I Buy This Product?

KOO BEAN MIX brings small white beans, samp and whole kernel corn together in one delicious, wholesome mix.

KOO was established in 1940 and is one of the leading brands in South Africa and is currently the market leader in most canned food sectors in which it competes, such as baked beans, fruit and vegetables.

KOO has been voted in the top five as one of SA best food brand judged according to awareness and in the 2005 Top Brand Survey KOO was voted SA 4th most favourite brand and this year it was voted SA 3rd top brand. KOO has for 65 years offered South African consumers high quality products that have helped them create mouthwatering meals for their families and has through innovation managed to ensure that it remains a relevant brand.

The brand is very much a household name for South African consumers, consumers perceive KOO as the brand that offers them high quality at an affordable price. "I can afford to feed my family every day with KOO."

KOO now makes cooking with beans easy.

Delicious, new varieties the whole family will love.

  • No more cooking beans from scratch.
  • Koo uses only the best ingredients.
  • Prepared just the way you would make them yourself.
  • All endorsed as Kosher.
  • Three delicious, new variants - Bean Mix, Red Kidney Beans and Butter Beans in Tangy Curry Sauce.

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