Wilsons - Jelly Tots Original - 100 gm

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  • Jelly Tots Original
  • Brand Name : Wilsons
  • Weight : 100 gm
  • Product of South Africa


sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, fruit juices (6%)(Strawberry, Orange, Blackcurrant, Lime and Lemon, acidity regulator (trisodium citrate, malic Acid, citric acid, flavourings, lactic acid, colours (Anthocyanins. Copper complexes of chlorophyllins, Beta-carotene.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

South Africa’s favourite, Jelly Tots, have been around since 1968. That’s more than forty years of fun, flavour and adventure! They have been voted amongst SA’s top 10 most popular sweets several years in a row, along with many other awards and accolades. While there have been a few Jelly Tots characters over the years, from a fireman, to a nurse and even a policeman, Mr Tots, or “JT” the Jelly Tots worm is the coolest and most popular of them all. Recent packaging developments have seen JT in several fun poses across the range, bringing to life the many adventure opportunities kids associate with the brand.

Never one to rely on past successes, the Jelly Tots brand is constantly innovating, bringing new flavours and packaging formats into the market, keeping the category fresh and exciting. From Classic to Yogi, Craziberries and Powersour, kids and the young-at-heart are sure to find a Jelly Tots flavour to call their own. We’ve also recently included a Shapez range and Chocolate-Covered variant, two new reasons to love Jelly Tots…

Today it is the number 1 kids jelly sweet. Let Mr Jelly Tots take your mouth on a taste adventure like never before – from the original juicy fruity flavoured Jelly Tots.

Deliciously soft, ridiculously chewy and bursting with fruit flavour, Wilsons Jelly Tots are a delectable treat! Jelly Tots are small, round, sugar coated confections, made with real fruit juice and no artificial colours. Jelly Tots became a world-wide sensation in 1967 and a must for every children's party, lunch time treat, or after dinner nicety. Come to The Savanna and grab a bag – you love it!

Jelly Tots - Fruit flavour jelly sweets which are great to eat on its own or you can always use them to decorate your kids birthday cake.

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