Nestle - CERELAC Baby Cereal with Milk and Wheat Stage 1 - 500 gm

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  • CERELAC Baby Cereal with Milk and Wheat Stage 1
  • Brand Name : Nestle
  • Weight : 500 gm
  • Product of South Africa


Wheat flour, Skimmed milk, Sucrose, Palm Olein, Caramel, Low erucic rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Sodium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Vitamins, Ferrous fumarate, Vanillin, Bifidus culture, Zinc sulphate, Potassium iodide.

Nutrition Information:

Cerelac provides the combined benefit of cereal and milk. It is free from added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

Your baby is starting a great adventure – life! But let’s not go too fast… at this stage, your baby needs lots of attention and all the nutritional benefits of breast milk. As per WHA resolution 55.15 April (2002), infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months … thereafter, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods. Since every baby grows at a different rate, consult your health professional for advise on when to introduce CERELAC®.

CERELAC® will offer you a complete programme through the weaning period through Nestlé Developmental Nutrition Plan. It was developed to meet your baby’s changing needs in clear, simple steps. Each stage is specially adapted to your baby’s needs at a specific stage of development.

Nestle Cerelac Baby Cereal Wheat Flavour - 500g. Stage 1 from 6 months onwards. It was developed to meet your baby’s changing needs in each stage of development

In Stage 1. Your baby is slowly beginning to take notice of the outside world – and beginning with gentle first foods. After discussion with the family doctor, you can begin to diversify your baby’s menu. While still breastfeeding, you can now begin to introduce different kinds of purées, and iron fortified infant cereals.

CERELAC®Infant Cereal is
  1. Enriched with Iron: Helps prevent iron deficiency.
  2. Enriched with Zinc: Supports growth and immunity.
  3. Easy to Digest: Based on the Nestlé CHE process, which breaks down carbohydrates for easy digestion.

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